Build active, engaging, Discord communities for web3

Build active, engaging, Discord communities for web3

Vulcan is web3’s security-focused Discord solution, making it easy to safely verify, activate, engage, and support your holder community.

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The safest, simplest token verification

Vulcan is unquestionably the safest way of verifying your holders. Your holders do not need to connect a wallet, will not be sent DMs, and will not be asked to click links. And thanks to our deep integration with PREMINT, most of the time your holders can be verified instantly without ever leaving Discord.

  • Users never asked to connect a wallet. No links or DMs.
  • Instant verification via PREMINT.
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Create subcommunities with trait-based roles

Make even large communities feel intimate by connecting like minded people in small groups. Create subgroups of your token holders based on collection traits.

  • Create roles based on traits.
  • Give users a way to self-select roles.


Auto-post sales directly into Discord

Vulcan makes it easy for you or your holders to post relevant content directly in stream.

  • Post all new sales of your collection.
  • Post sales into collection-specific channels.


Stop bots from joining your server

Easily protect your server from bots with built in CAPTCHA feature. Once enabled, new members will be asked to solve a captcha to access the server.

  • Stop bots from flooding your server.
  • Show users a CAPTCHA before granting access.
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A web3-connected support tool that lets holders help themselves

Vulcan’s Support tool is the best ticketing tool that exists for Discord. Set up categories and autoresponders to make sure community members provide all necessary info before your team gets involved. Save all activity to look back on later.

  • Autoresponders to make sure users provide all necessary info.
  • Save all history into your holder dashboard.


Migrating to Vulcan has never been easier

Vulcan's migration tool will make it turnkey for you to switch to Vulcan from whatever solution you are currently using for Discord role management. Most of your community members won't even know it happened.

  • Free and easy analysis tool
  • No changes made until you’re certain you want to switch
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