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Transitioning from Collab.Land to Vulcan

Transitioning from Collab.Land to Vulcan

This will help you evaluate what Vulcan offers and how it's different than Collab.Land.

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What is this page?

Collab.Land recently announced that they'd be severely limiting their functionality for non-paying users. We think Collab.Land is an important part of our ecosystem, and think that choosing to charge for their software is appropriate. However, realistically this will cause some of their customers to seek a more affordable solution.

This page is intended to help those users understand what Vulcan offers and if it's a good alternative as they seek a different Discord token gating solution.

How is Vulcan different?

Vulcan, like Collab.Land, is a Discord-based bot designed to verify token asset ownership across various blockchains and manage role assignments. However, Vulcan uniquely eliminates the need for users to be redirected to an external site to sign a transaction during wallet registration. Vulcan offers three primary methods to prove wallet ownership:

  • PREMINT: Vulcan automatically scans wallets linked to users' PREMINT profiles during server verification.
  • Update Bio: Users receive a unique string code to update the bio field in the marketplace specified by your server’s active marketplaces and blockchains.
  • Self-Transaction: Users are prompted to send a small amount from and to the wallet they are registering.

Here is the breakdown of features between the products.

Token Gated Roles
Up to 4
Up to 50
Up to 150
Ownership rechecked every...
7 days
24 hours
24 hours
10 minutes
Users can have multiple wallets
Support for Ethereum, L2s, Solana, Bitcoin
Users can verify using all popular wallets
(via marketplaces)
Delegate / Warm Support
Attribute + Quantity based roles
Telegram Support
Support for Loaned NFTs
Giveaway Bot
Dedicated Customer Support
Note: The above uses data from Collab.Land's pricing website as of April 29, 2024.

Who's using Vulcan?

Vulcan is trusted by some of the biggest names in crypto. Vulcan powers XCOPY's Discord, broadcasts sales for artists like Beeple and Sam Spratt, and handles token-gated Role management across thousands of communities such as Memeland and RTFKT. If you're in a server that cares about security, they're likely using Vulcan.

Is Vulcan really, 100% free?

Vulcan is a part of PREMINT, which is dedicated to enhancing the security of the web3 ecosystem. Therefore, Vulcan is a security-focused, free product for Discord servers to use to keep their community safer.

Is switching a giant pain in the a**?

Switching is very easy and because of Vulcan's scale, will have very little effect on your community. Read this switching guide for all the details for moving your community to Vulcan.

Switching Documentation

If you're looking for something new, try Vulcan now.

Again, we're fans of Collab.Land and if you're happy with them, then please stay and pay! If, however, you've decided to look for an alternative, please give Vulcan a try today.

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